Yo what’s up and welcome to DJ Equipment HQ! Here you’ll find a truly awesome selection of DJing equipment buyer’s guides to suit all your needs, be it for a beginner, intermediate level or a pro DJ, we’ve got you covered! We are also busy adding exclusive DJ interviews with various international DJs to get their take on the best in djing equipment and how things have changed for deejays over the years.


Beginner DJ Equipment Guide


We’ve compiled the best equipment for beginner DJs into one awesome post that we’re sure you’ll enjoy and find useful. Whether it’s for yourself or you are thinking about buying Djing equipment for someone else who’s starting out, make sure to check out our DJ equipment for beginners guide.


Best Midi Controllers


We’ve selected the best DJ Equipment midi controllers and have separated the categories into beginner, mid-range and professional midi controller buying guides.
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Best Dj Turntables


Welcome to the best DJ Turntables on the market. We’ve divided the sections into the best vinyl turntables and the best CD turntables so you can quickly find the best DJ equipment for you.
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Best Dj Equipment Mixers


In this section we’ve selected the best DJ Equipment mixers and have separated the categories into the best 2 channel and the best 4 channel mixers buying guides.
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Best Dj Headphones


Headphones are a vital part of every DJ’s arsenal and we at DJ Equipment HQ have selected the best for you in two different categories of Budget DJ headphones and Pro DJ headphones.
Best DJ Headphones For Your Budget

The Top 5 Best Headphones For Classical Music

Here at DJ Equipment HQ we are also big fans of classical music and for that reason, we’ve included a great guide to the
Best Headphones for Classical Music

DJ T-Shirts Coming Soon!

We’ve recently signed an agreement with online fashion retailer ‘Geek T-shirts’ to bring to you an exciting range of DJ-themed t-shirts that will reflect your love of this unique art form. We’ll keep you posted on when the new collection is ready and in the meantime – if you’d like to shop for other geek tees from their range, please feel free to visit their store.