Best Beginner Dj Controller Guide

Are you just starting out in DJing and hoping to be the next big DJ on the scene? Or are you returning to a long lost love of DJing and want to purchase an all-in-one Best Beginner DJ Controller set-up that will make things easy to get going with your forgotten passion right away? Well, here we’ve put together our Best Beginner Midi Controllers roundup. These fantastic machines will surely suit your budget and also deliver with ease the basic and beautiful art of Djing to your home.

  • Touch sensitive metal jog wheels. Volume levels display with trigger pads. Long, 100mm pitch sliders to maintain the sync. Software download included once the free controller registration is done

  • Built in sound card- no need for external audio interface. USB connector to power the machine. Easy plug n’ play with Mac and Windows. 3.5 mm headphone output and Mic input. Crossfader curve control

The G2V is the little brother of the Geminis 4 channel controller, the G4V. The G2V is a durable, high quality dj controller, with a number of awesome features for such a reasonably priced controller. It uses Virtual DJ, that’s often regarded as better software than Serato and Traktor. The Gemini G2V 2 Channel Virtual DJ Controller is perfect for people who are just getting into DJing and don’t want to break the bank to get going. The G2V is an awesome choice if you require a 2 channel to be used with virtual DJ. For these reasons, we’re giving it our top spot in this Best Beginner DJ Controller roundup.

The Mixtrack Pro has been present in the market long enough to warrant recognition. Be it the original clumsy Mixtrack Pro, or the slightly revamped and slimmed down version, Mixtrack Pro 2, both of them had their own set of praises. Well, the new Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is faster, with an ergonomic design and some features from the premium range of Numark’s controllers. The design is really comfortable and feels natural in use. The functions are really ample considering the price tag. It works well with the Serato DJ Intro software and does the basic Djing job, quite fine and comes a solid second in this Best Beginner DJ Controller roundup.

Vestax Typhoon Midi Controller is your best bet if you are looking for a budget investment. It has a built-in soundcard, slashing out the need to buy one independently. It offers pre-cueing owing to the presence of a headphone jack. Additionally, the Vestax Typhoon Midi Controller has a microphone socket too for the budding mobile jockeys. The jog wheels share the functionality of the premium Vestax devices and offer a comfortable usage experience. Vestax has also offered a sync button on each deck to adjust the beats of the songs with respect to one another and also two controls to nudge the record in a similar fashion and we’re awarding it third place in this Best Beginner DJ Controller roundup.

The Hercules DJ Control is one of those premium devices available for a lower price. With the built-in audio interface, touch-sensitive jog wheels, integrated software facilitating features like sampling, looping and recording and eight velocity-sensitive performance pads, the Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE DJ Controller is surely a performer. It is designed as a consumer DJ controller and at the price point, it delivers quite exceptionally. Coming a solid fourth in this Best Beginner DJ Controller guide.

There is no better way to have a go at Djing other than buying yourself an American Audio ELMC-1 DJ Controller. If you wish to pursue Djing just as a hobby, this controller is meant for you. The basic design of it is two relatively big jog wheel installed on a compact plastic box, with almost all controls you wish for. The New American Audio ELMC1 2 Chan DJ MIDI Controller is powered by Virtual DJ and delivers almost all the basic functions. However, it has no audio interface and offers no pre-cueing but these do not measure up to its excellent performance and is awarded fifth in this Best Beginner DJ Controller roundup.