The Guide to the Best DJ Headphones

Every serious DJ deserves the best DJ headphones which will help ensure that life on set is a smooth and enjoyable experience every time with the best DJ technology you can rely on and carry easily to your next gig. These days there’s so much choice of headphone that it’s sometimes overwhelming when it comes time to upgrade to the best DJ headphones set. Well fear not, as we’ve rounded up the best 5 Pro DJ headphones right here, after extensive research and testing.

Best DJ Headphones Top 5 Roundup


1) Sennheiser HD25-1 II

The Sennheiser HD25-1 11 Closed-Back Headphones win first place in out best DJ headphones roundup and they present a recent iteration from the classic Sennheiser-25 headphone series. They feature among the Best 5 Pro DJ headphones that are purpose-oriented and allow professional monitoring to reduce a significant amount of background noise during a performance. Their sturdy yet light construction makes them a favorite audio gadget among mobile DJs. Additionally; the Sennheiser HD25-1 II closed-back headphones come with a one-ear listening feature that provides functionality making them an essential mobile monitoring device. The best DJ headphones can hold up in loud environments like audio equipment testing, field recording or studio monitoring.
In second place in the DJ Equipment HQ best DJ headphones roundup are the Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Extra Bass PPS12. These awesome headphones present a rather stylish yet tech-savvy set of DJ cans. Enhanced with PPS 12 technology (a combination of three drivers for mids and bass and another three for trembles), the Bluedio U Plus ensures an ecstatic listening experience of vivid highs and crisps. Additionally, the UFO Plus feature (greater than the standard 96dB) and the 12 drivers’ configuration jointly release a powerful transient force that allows you to hear the slightest details. The cavity design of these second placed best DJ headphones isolates ambient sounds, enhance bass response and ensure quality resonance.
The HDJ-2000MK2 is Pioneer’s latest flagship in their Pro DJ Headphones series and takes third place in our best DJ headphones roundup. Taking on most of HDJ-2000 headphone qualities, it features optimized audio quality, improved comfort, enhanced sound quality and a sturdier construction to withstand the rigors of DJing. It also adopts an airtight stitching and a new low-volume air chamber that delivers pristine sound essential for monitoring the loudest clubs. The Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S DJ Headphone comes in black and silver colors to maintain its predecessor’s classic appearance and robust construction. These third best DJ headphones come with leather-feel covers and urethane memory foam ear pads for additional comfort not to mention; the rotatable housings that support different monitoring styles.
Apart from Sennheiser’s iconic HD-25 series, the company has now released a pro-level, high-grade pair of headphones; the Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones and come a solid fourth place in our best DJ headphones roundup. They come in a square case with a metal construction that includes a swivel joint (where the headband joins the earcups), changeable pads as well as coiled and straight cables. Designed for busy DJs and loud environments, the Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S DJ Headphone, focus on beat matching and rhythm to deliver exceptional sound reproduction. Their construction includes metal swivels that allow users to rotate the ear cups in three sizing positions of up to 210 degrees. Additionally, the soft, tight ear cushions made from leather and velour ensure comfort even after hours of use.
Crossfade Wireless Headphones from V-MODA are awarded fifth place in our best DJ headphones roundup and they offer the best of both worlds: wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and wired music for those who prefer the analog mode for their headphone amp. The Bluetooth feature allows you to pair the headphones with other compatible devices within a 10m-range. The feature also allows pairing of two devices simultaneously e.g. you can pair a smartphone and a laptop or a smartphone and a smartwatch. The V-MODA Crossfade Wireless XFBT-PHCHROME Over-Ear Headphones[/easyazon_link] also come with a built-in microphone specially optimized for receiving phone calls and voice recognition. A unique feature about the headphones is the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that supplies 12 hours of nonstop music and a thirty-minute recharge for more than three hours of playback.