Best Budget Dj Headphones Under $100

If you’re just starting out at as a DJ then you probably won’t want to plunge too deeply into your pocket for a high-end pair of DJ headphones, just yet. Well luckily for you, DJ headphones have really come down in price over the last few years in terms of the quality that you can now get your hands on for less than $100. Here at DJ Equipment HQ we’ve made your life even easier by compiling the Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100 roundup.

  • 32db noise attenuation feature. Rotatable ear cups. Foldable design for compact storage. An accurate flat response that does not eliminate the bass feature. High-quality sound for critical mixing applications. Swiveling earpieces for one-ear monitoring

  • Rotatable arm structure. Interchangeable Cords: a nine-ft coiled DJing cable and a three-ft straight wire. Improved design for comfort and sturdiness. High-quality sound

  • Rugged and sturdy construction. Folding construction for compact storage. A 40mm driver unit for sound reproduction. Circumaural Closed-back Stereo design. A gold connector and an OFC cord for eighth-inch and ¼ inch jacks

  • High quality sound with enhanced bass and a vast range of frequency response. 50mm neodymium drivers. Adjustable headband. The replaceable cable of a 1/8 inch jack and ¼ inch adapter (gold-coated)

The HD 280 Pro come first in our Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100 roundup; it proves that Pro Headphones under $100 don’t always compromise on quality. This no-frills, remarkably comfortable pair of headphones is the perfect gadget for professional monitoring applications. Suitable for a vast range of applications; low-frequency response, recording and mixing tracks, the unique 32db noise attenuation in loud environments makes the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones stand out from the rest of the headphones under $100. Its rugged yet robust construction features all-leather ear cushions, swiveling ear cups, a headband and collapsible design for easier storage.

Featuring the most recent headphone iteration from the Pioneer DJ series, the HDJ-500 headphones have adapted most of HDJ-2000 headphone qualities and come a strong second in our Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100 roundup. The headphones come with urethane ear pads (wrapped in leather covers) that snuggly fit around the ears and are slip-resistant for exceptional comfort. Additionally, the Pioneer HDJ-500R DJ Headphones feature a lightweight magnesium alloy construction for durability and a great travel gadget during extended periods of use. The HDJ-500 headphones also provide crisp audio response particularly in the mid-range and low frequencies (for remixing applications).

Lauded by the majority of studio professionals, DJs, and broadcasters, the MDR-7506 makes an invaluable staple within the recording and film arena. It weighs only 220 grams and comes with Neodymium magnet drivers for sound monitoring in film production, recording studios, and other applications that need high-quality sound. The Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone has a closed-ear design and low impedance that rid of any background noise and headphone bleed. It also comes with an around-the-ear feature making it ideal for use in MIDI workstations and camcorders not to mention the 9.8-foot coiled cord and its foldable design for compact storage. They come a fair third in our Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100 roundup.

The ATH-M40x are the latest headphones from Audio-Technica’s series and come fourth in our Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100 roundup. Ideal for both home and studio monitoring applications the ATH-M40x comes with 40mm Neodymium drivers tuned flat for accurate audio monitoring across a comprehensive frequency range. You can now enjoy an improved studio experience with greater sound isolation features and swiveling ear cups (up to 90 degrees) for single-ear monitoring. Additionally, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones boast a robust construction via pro-grade materials.

The HPX6000 headphones by Behringer feature a circumaural closed back design with 50mm drivers frequency range of 15Hz-20kHz and are awarded fifth in our Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100 roundup. They have adjustable ear cups that have large leatherette ear pads for comfort during extended periods of use. The Behringer Hpx6000 Professional DJ Headphones also have a foldable design for compact storage and a detachable cable for easy replacement. The package comes with a 1/8 inch gold-plated adapter that screws on a ¼ inch connector at the end of the cable.