Best Dj Mixer – Best Pro Four Channel Dj Mixers

Whether you’re a DJ or a sound engineer, you may be looking for an upgrade to the best DJ mixer on the market today. Or you maybe just highly interested in sound production and would love to know which channel stereo mixer is the best for the work you would like to get done and the type of music and beats you want to create? Well, look no further! We’ve brought you the top 5 of the best DJ mixers in the pro 4 channel stereo kind on the market today, for you to compare and contrast and decide which one fits you best. The top 5 Pro 4 channel stereo DJ mixers are:

  • Expert club standard 4-Channel DJ Mixer. Independent Send/Return for external hardware. 4 Phono inputs and DVS support for turntables. High quality audio mixing 64 bit mixing processor. 96kHz/24-bit sound card with no quality loss

The Pioneer DJM-2000nexus Professional Performance DJ Mixer gets top spot in our best DJ mixer roundup as it provides a platform for multiple DJs to mix their sounds and then get them incorporated over an interface. The interface also allows for brilliant individual performances. It is a top notch mixer with high quality features for great sound mixing and high level soundscape creation. It has a highly intuitive layout which enables stress free performances and original music arrangements. It also provides the DJ with a variety of controls for music arrangement which includes Tap, Warp and Trace on the three effect sections which can also be used as a combination.

The Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 4 Channel Digital DJ Mixer is a ground breaking mixer, and the most advanced mixer that has been produced by Allen and Heath. It enables the DJ with so much flexibility and eliminates the hassle that comes along with making use of software and laptops. It is equipped with FX algorithms with BPM conscious parameters and tight spectral control designed to fit perfectly into the DJ environment. With the loops and FX automatically synchronized to fit the track’s tempo, it gives allowance to build amazing grooves and soundscapes with little or no problems, awarding it second in this best DJ mixer roundup.

Finishing third in our best DJ mixer roundup is the Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 Professional Mixer. It’s destined to take your performances to advanced heights and higher levels. Pioneer has incorporated into the DJM-900NXS2 its first ever 64-bit mixing processor for a deeper and more distinct sound. Pioneer developed a very high quality mixer with a fine-tuned EQ and fader curves. The FX controls have also been enhanced to provide with the room and allowance to make more creative choices. You also have the freedom to set up your mixer anyway you want it with an independent Send/Return, 4 phonologic inputs and 2 USB ports.

The Rane Sixty-Two presentation Mixer is fourth in our best DJ mixer roundup and is simply the ultimate plug and play package which supports both Digital and Analog Vinyl Simulation (DVS) Playback. It supports a wide range of top notch features and characteristics which enables the DJ to create unbelievable sounds and mixes. This mixer better integrates the performer, music, software and hardware which make it a great choice.It enables you to effortlessly look through your melody compilation, load melody records on virtual decks or playback, manage cues, loops and samples, plus add influential DJ effects. It is compatible with Serato Scratch Live software and native support for Virtual DJ.

In fifth in this best DJ mixer roundup is the Denon DJ DN-X1600 Professional 4-Channel Matrix Mixer as it’s the least expensive of the top 5, it does not lag in the level of quality it provides for you. It provides you with top notch quality, and is extremely reliable, durable, durable and easily operated. It is perfect for basically all sound engineers including the party DJs, the bedroom sound mixers, and the professional DJs who tend to go on a lot of tours. The versatility of its sound is based on its core engine which is based on the Denon DJ flagship’s four-channel digital mixer with an assortment of features.