Best Dj Turntables – Top Analog Pro Turntables Roundup

As a lot of modern DJs have moved over to using CD turntables in their quest for the best DJ turntables, one might think that it’s the end of the road for the traditional vinyl analog turntable. Well you’d be wrong. Analog records are having a resurgence and traditional vinyl turntables are still considered to be the best DJ turntables for many DJs these days. Is it the fact that vinyl sounds better according to the late Steve Jobs (creator of the digital music player the ipod)? Or is it the full lossless, full-fidelity analog listening experience? Whatever your reasons for choosing one over the other, it looks like vinyl turntables are here to stay. So we’ve compiled the best dj turntables of all time that are still available to buy today.

  • The Quartz-Lock button allows up to 16% pitch adjustment. High torque motor providing quick start-ups of up to 0.07 seconds. Upgraded tone arm suspension. Customized brake speed controls. Cool Blue pop-up work light. The pitch slider is exchangeable. Stylus features like the kick cancel and the anti-skip functions. Arm-end scale for fast weight setting

  • Durable structure made from heavy duty steel. Industry leading Torque motor. Over-The-Top platter. Comes with a 680HP cartridge. Tone arm that is adjustable. The start/brake tunings are flexible. The S/PDIF digital output plug is compatible with CD-R, computer sound card, and PCs. Different pitch control options (+/-8%, +/-25%,+/-50%).

  • An S-shaped tone arm. Highest torque motor of up to 4.5 kgf/cm. Durable steel design to reduce feedback. Comes with Stanton Trackmaster V.3 Cartridge. Key correction function (only works on line output). Start and brake speed adjustment feature. The Digital output (S/PDIF) plug is compatible with a computer sound card and a CD-R. Adjustable tone arm height.

  • Straight anti-skipping tone-arm system. Ultra-pitch fader function. Compatible with MIDI inputs. Fitted with air suspension insulators that absorb shock. A powerful torque of 4.7CN/cm

  • USB connectivity for quick conversion of vinyl to digital media.Enhanced with EZ Vinyl Converter software that provides quick vinyl-to-digital conversion.The program is exclusively available to Numark. Interchangeable button cartridges and pitch faders to provide club and battle mix styles

So far, the SL-1210M5G is the industry’s leading turntable and our top choice for the best DJ turntables from Technics. It comes with more advanced features compared to the previous 1200MK2 and SL-1200MK5 models. The SL-1210M5G features high-tech tone arm modifications to rid of skipping while the tonearm height can be modified for ideal scratching. Additionally, the adjustable digital pitch control of the Technics SL-1210M5G provides consistency from a turntable to turntable by providing pitch range options of +/-8 to +/-16 at the click of a button. DJs can also customize braking speeds to suit individual applications. The Blue LED pop-up indicators show the amount of pitch adjustment applied while the next button allows tuning between two levels of pitch options. No doubt in our minds, the Technics SL-1210M5G are the undisputed best DJ turntables of all time.

Stanton STR8-150 turntables get second place in our best dj turntables roundup from Stanton manufacturer. They feature heavy duty steel construction that reduces feedback and have the world’s strongest Torque motor (of 4.5 Kgf-cm), a skip-proof tonearm and an ultra-stable platter. These re-engineered Stanton turntables provide exceptional performance with their Key correction, pitch adjustment (of up to 50%), reverse and S/PDIF digital output features. The Stanton STR8-150 comes with a multi-functional coaxial digital and audio output that plugs in directly to audio/video receiver, PC, CD recorder or a Macintosh sound card. Their controls include dual start/stop buttons, start/brake speed tunings, Height-adjustable tone arm and a selectable phono or line level output compatible with amplifiers and preamps (that don’t have phono inputs).

The Stanton ST-150 borrows plenty of features from the Stanton STR8-150: heavy duty steel construction, the strongest torque motor of 4.5Kgf-cm, start/brake speed adjustment, dual start and stop functions, etc. The only obvious difference being that the Stanton ST-150 has an S-shaped tone arm while the STR8-150 has a straight skip-proof tone arm and is a close third in this best DJ turntables roundup.

The Vestax series has been in the industry since the late nineties and has gained popularity among hip-hop turntablists over the years. It is attributed to Vestax PDX-3000MK2 straight tone-arm feature and suspension system that provides greater tracking and reduces skipping. While not quite as good as our number one choice in this best DJ turntables roundup, the Vestax PDX-3000MK2 features a direct drive quartz system that provides accurate speed, and braking control most new DJs expect from a nightclub turntable. It also comes with an upgraded motor with a torque of up to 4.7CN/cm and redesigned platters that allow smoother control when executing hands-on adjustment to the mix. Because of these awesome features, we’re awarding it fourth spot in our best DJ turntables roundup.

Exclusively built for the modern DJ, the Numark TTX-USB stands alone among other professional-grade analog turntables. The turntable comes fitted with a silicon rubber that absorbs shock and reduces feedback as well as an interchangeable aluminum tone arm system that adapts to any DJ style. It features a user variable torque ranging from high torque (4.7kgfcm) to constant torque (3.7kgfcm) and instant torque (4.7kgfcm) and so on. Additionally, the Numark TTX/TTX-USB is designed to harness USB plug and play compatibility for Macintosh personal computers and PC not to mention the +/- 50% pitch control feature for unique mixing options. The most outsatnding feature about the TTXUSB is its ability to convert vinyl directly to iTunes. Using the EZ vinyl converter TTXUSB analyzes the song and automatically retrieves the song info including the name of the album and the artist. With the EZ vinyl converter feature DJs can now store their collection on a CD or MP3 digitally. The TTXUSB comes in a comprehensive package with all the necessary cables to connect to a computer, connectors for pro-DJ rigs, and software to rid of clicks and other undesirable features of vinyl, and that’s why we’re giving it fifth place in our best DJ turntables roundup.