Dj Equipment For Beginners – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are just getting into deejaying and are looking for a great guide to the best DJ equipment for beginners, then you’re in the right place! Here at DJ Equipment HQ we love giving you expert advice from our in-house Pro DJs that will point you in the right direction for the best deals at the lowest prices.

dj equipment for beginners

The Five Best Dj Starter Kits to Suit Any Beginner’s Budget

Nowadays it’s often more cost effective to buy multiple items in a package rather than individually and for the beginner or intermediate, DJ equipment is no different. So, we’ve compiled a great list of the hottest five DJ packages on the market right now!

  • DJ package with 2 NXD200 CD players, two-channel mixer and headphones. Two-channel mixer enhanced with an iPod dock. Play, record and mix tracks from an iPod. Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs. Anti-shock T buffered skip-technology

This amazing Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ Digital Controller & Free Laptop Stand & Tascam DJ Headphone & 2 XLR Cables ranks number 1 in our DJ Equipment For Beginners guide. With the 4+4 Remix Deck functions, DJs can now create their signature sound while focusing on the music and the crowd using the touch-sensitive features and full-color displays. This set is the best of all DJ Packages right now and also comes with color-coded pads for enhanced performance.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 comes a solid second in our DJ Equipment For Beginners roundup and builds on qualities found in DDJ-SX, its predecessor with a Serato Flip pack upgrade that allows DJs to record and re-play hot cue combinations. As such, DJs can record to initiate triggers via the performance pads and replay the sequence on demand. It is also the first controller that comes with labeled buttons: start /Slot/Record to ensure Serato Flip performances are at your fingertips. The Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller- Free Tascam TH02 DJ Headphone and XLR cables also boasts a Serato DJ DVS upgrade and improved jog wheel reaction time; not to mention the Free Tascam TH-02 DJ Headphones that deliver studio-quality audio for various studio and music listening applications. All in all, a worthy second in this best DJ Packages roundup.

Ranked third in our DJ Packages – Best Deejay Package Sets rounds, the Serato Software DJ System- Numark Mix Track Pro 111-2400 Watts of Powered DJ Speakers w/Stands, 2 Wireless Microphones & Headphones– Numark’s Mix Track Pro 111 is the perfect system for DJs performing at clubs, parties, reunions or weddings. Designed for skilled, professional DJs the system adds to the latest collection from Numark. With Numark’s Mixtrack Pro 3 DJs can now perform the finest pitch adjustments with the 100mm pitch sliders while the upgraded rugged metal platters allow them to scratch and stop a track by touching the top of the platter. Additionally, its built-in audio function allows DJs to plug in their headphones, PA system, and microphone and start mixing (without the need for an additional interface) releasing high-quality sound via the 2400 Watt-powered speakers. Overall, easily third in this best DJ Packages roundup.

Coming fourth in our DJ Equipment For All Beginners roundup, this package includes the Gemini DJX-03 headphones enhanced to deliver powerful but balanced audio, deep bass and crisp mids. Its lightweight body featuring a 3.5mm quarter-inch screw-on adapter makes the system perfect for mobile DJs. Not to mention the 2 Gemini ES-08P eight-inch Es series loudspeakers enhanced with a 75W RMS Class built-in amp and an eight-inch LF Woofer that has a 1.2-inch voice coil for quality sound. The Gemini KITGCIB DJX-03 DJ Headphones, SLATE 4 4-Channel Controller & Pair of ES-08P 8″ Loudspeakers also comes with a digital DJ controller that has large touch-sensitive jog wheels together with the Gemini Serato DJ Intro Controller software that allows DJs to play, scratch and mix music from a computer. All things considered, definitely fourth in this best DJ Packages roundup.

Just like its name, the Numark iCD DJ In A Box Complete CD +iPod DJ System comes fifth in this DJ Equipment For Beginners roundup and is a complete DJ setup that comes with two CD players, an iM1 2-channel DJ mixer (integrated with an iPod dock) and HF 125 headphones. Ideal for hobbyists and beginning DJs, the system features a rather rugged construction that doesn’t match high-quality gear for professional DJs. However, the iM1 feature delivers most functions of a quality DJ mixer including the iPod DJ system that allows DJs to record directly to an iPod. The package doesn’t need a computer which makes it the perfect system for backup setup. In summary, an awesome fifth in our best DJ Packages roundup.

Not Interested in Dj Packages?

Then Follow This DJ Equipment For Beginners Guide to Buying DJ Equipment Separately

What Dj Equipment You’ll Need

We have detailed guides for each item of equipment you’ll need as linked to below. But as a beginner, we’ve selected some great beginner deejay equipment options here below that won’t break the bank but will allow you to become an awesome DJ.

Dj Controllers

DJ controllers are devices that are utilized to assist DJs with mixing their selections of music with software through the utilization of encoders, faders, knobs, jog wheels, touch strips, backlit buttons, and more. They’re utilized to provide the DJ with ease of use of software than what a touchpad on a laptop or computer keyboard provide. They don’t mix audio signals like DJ mixers. Instead, they deliver signals to computers that notify the DJ software running on the CPU on how to properly mix the audio files. When used correctly, DJ controllers can be a very useful piece of DJ equipment for beginners. Have a read through our best beginner DJ controller guide if you’d like to know more.

Dj Mixers

DJ mixers are types of mixing consoles of audio that are utilized by DJs to create smooth transitions between sound recordings that are different as they play. Compact cassettes, DJ software on laptops, and record turntables are the typical sources. They allow DJs to utilize headphones to preview songs that are next on their playlist prior to playing them for their respective audience. They’re often much smaller than other types of consoles that are utilized in sound recording and sound reinforcement systems. A typical DJ mixer may only possess two of four inputs. Most small to mid-sized recording and sound mixers possess 8 to 12 channel inputs, with large recording mixers and live sound that have 48 or more. It is highly recommended for DJs to invest in DJ mixers that are stable and sturdy, even when choosing some DJ equipment for beginners. In other words, be sure to conduct an adequate amount of researching to ensure that you do not pick one that is flimsy in its manufacturing aspects. Remember, being a DJ often means you may be required to be quick with your hands and fingers when mixing, thus, it is highly recommended for you to invest in products that will not break or fall apart when utilizing them in quick manners.

Have a read of our Best DJ Mixer post to swat up more on what’s the best on the market today.

Dj Turntables

Perhaps one of the most commonly known form of DJ Equipment For Beginner devices that are owned by DJs are turntables. A turntable is a platform that is designed in a circular rotating platform of a “phonograph”, also known as a gramophone or record player. Broken down simply, turntables are the first part of DJ equipment for beginners that is required and is a device that has been engineered and designed for playing audio recordings. If you’re unsure about what kinds of devices that you should be investing in, it’s highly recommended for you to choose products that have been rated well in the DJ community. By choosing the right types of equipment for your hosting needs, you will find that your performances will be greatly improved and appreciated by the crowds in attendance.

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