Dj Mixer Pro – The Best Two Channel Mixers

So you’re looking to get a great new mixer and you’re a fan of 2 channel mixers over 4 channel mixers? Your reason for choosing a 2 channel over a 4 channel might be for the love of the untouched music to take your listeners on a musical journey. Well then you’re in the right place. Here we round-up the best five 2 channel mixers right now. We’ve listed them from First to Fifth in our easy-to-view table and in more detail beneath in our DJ Mixer Pro – The Best 2 Channel Mixers roundup.

  • Serato Scratch Live. 6 stereo record and 4 stereo playback channels. Internal Effects Engine with Filter. MIDI beat clock tracking

Introducing our best pick of the Pro 2 Channel Mixers – The Rane Sixty-Two Performance Mixer is a plug-and-play 2 channel mixer that supports two computers – SP-6 sample player – two-deck digital vinyl simulation – software and hardware effects as well as a great variety of record and playback channels. This awesome dj mixer pro supports analog and digital vinyl simulation playback. The Sixty-Two runs Serato Scratch Live software with a fully integrated MIDI controller. The Rane Sixty-Two also includes a great onboard internal effects engine and is a very good dj mixer pro.

Here we talk a little bit more about our preferred choice of Professional 2 Channel Mixers. Over the last 10 years the 05Pro series has undergone a number of key changes that have established it as one of the best mixers of all time. As a result, this dj mixer pro also one of the most widely used now by professional DJs. Yet again, the PMC-5Pro has been reborn, as the truly fantastic Vestax PMC-05Pro3 2-Channel DJ Mixer. It packs in a number of important upgrades such as, new effects options for both the PGM1 & 2, a more open battle area, a next generation cross fader and finally a new input switch/controls.

Introducing our next choice in this DJ Mixer Pro – The Best 2 Channel Mixers roundup – the Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol Z2. With this mixer you will guarantee having a cutting-edge sonic and extremely creative control in an impressively quite affordable two-channel pro mixer that packs two additional channels for remix decks. Included with the mixer is also the full version of Traktor Scratch. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer‘s strong metal chassis uses a control panel that has an intuitive layout that you’ll love, while the audio interface and dedicated Traktor controls give you a gorgeous array of workflow options.

The Pioneer DJ DJM-350 2-Channel DJ Performance Mixer is a great piece of equipment and comes a solid fourth in our DJ Mixer Pro – The Best 2 Channel Mixers roundup. With solid structure, exceptional sound output and four built in effects that are really useful when mixing. The 3 band equalizer allows you to increase or decrease the highs, mids and lows individually, allowing you to perform really awesome mash-ups and makes smooth transitions between beats a piece of cake. Another cool thing about the Pioneer DJ DJM-350 2-Channel DJ Performance Mixer is its recording feature which gives the option to record any details of your performance to a USB as a .wav file.

Numark are in here in our firth choice spot for DJ Mixer Pro – The Best 2 Channel Mixers. Numark were the original creators of the very first 100% digital DJ mixer, and they continue to develop the digital mixing technology industry with this impressive and great value for money Numark X5 Two-Channel, 24-Bit Digital DJ Mixer. This 24-bit, high-resolution mixer contains very high-end digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital circuitry and great, powerful look-ahead limiters in the master, booth, and headphone outputs which ensure is delivers virtually lossless, clip-proof, awesome overall audio performance.